NAHB Connect Guidelines

NAHB hopes that NAHB Connect will become a strong medium for correspondence and knowledge sharing amongst Members and HBA Staff. To that end, we urge all NAHB Connect users to practice the following:

  • Be kind and professional. Differences of opinions can make for educational and productive posts in NAHB Connect. We know there will be some “hot-button” issues in the industry or the federation and encourage users to discuss them. When in doubt, take the high road and always keep it professional.
  • Use the appropriate forum for your topic. One advantage of NAHB Connect is the ability to have customized forums so you can personalize your experience. The five current forums are: General (EO-only), Events, Technology, Education and Government Affairs. Most users are subscribed to all of the forums, so make sure to post your topic in the appropriate one. If applicable, you can also cross post your discussion to another forum.
  • Share your thoughts with us…using the appropriate medium. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to you and welcome all constructive feedback you may have at